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Patricia M. Hudak, PCC, BCC



​PathFinder Coaching & Tutoring has been providing exceptional in-home coaching & tutoring services since 2005. It is committed to supporting its clients, each step of the way, as they pursue their own unique path toward success.


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​It is sometimes difficult to navigate the school system to get what your student is entitled to -- especially if your student has special needs. We can provide the support to help you pursue 504 plan accommodations or an IEP. We know your rights!


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Pat Hudak is a recognized Professional and Board Certified Coach, with specialized training and experience in the areas of ADHD and Executive Function Disorders.  She  has been especially successful working with students to build study, organization, and time management skills.


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PathFinder Coaching & Tutoring has helped hundreds of students gain knowledge  in many K-12 Subjects, and get prepared for the all important ACT and SAT exams.  Our 1:1 private in-home sessions are sometimes just the boost a student needs to build confidence!


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