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Finding the path to a more purposeful and fulfilling life.



​PathFinder Coaching & Tutoring has been providing exceptional coaching, tutoring and IEP/504 Plan consulting services since 2005. It is committed to supporting its clients, each step of the way, as they pursue their own unique path toward success.

Its owner, Patricia M Hudak, PCC, BCC, is a strong advocate for families affected by ADHD.  She currently serves as the President, National Board of Directors, of CHADD (Children and Adults with ADHD).


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Pat Hudak is an internationally  recognized Professional and Board Certified Coach, with specialized training and experience in the areas of ADHD and Executive Function Disorders.  


For 15+ years she  has worked with students of all ages and their families, with an emphasis on supporting children diagnosed with ADHD and their parents.  Adults with ADHD have found coaching support in the areas of time management, workplace issues, and relationship challenges.


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Patricia M. Hudak, PCC, BCC



We are currently offering limited tutoring services  -- focusing more on coaching students, young adults, parents, and adults -- but will be happy to refer you to a subject-matter expert.

Academic tutoring support is still available in the areas of homework help, time management, and developing effective organization and study strategies.


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​It is sometimes difficult to navigate the school system to get what your student is entitled to -- especially if your student has special needs. We can provide the support to help you pursue 504 plan accommodations or an IEP. We know your rights!


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Our mission is to empower individual students and adults to find the path to a more purposeful and fulfilling life.

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