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Student Advocacy Services


Both students and parents working with schools to establish classroom accommodations or special education services have an advocate at PathFinder Coaching and Tutoring. Every child is entitled to equal access to education.


I am a graduate of the Wrightslaw "Special Education Advocacy and Law" training program and a professional member of The Council of Parent Advocates and Attorneys (COPAA).  As an experienced advocate, I can help with the paperwork and suggest interventions or measurable goals best suited for the individual student.  Often this includes discussions about potential 504 Accommodation Plans or Individual Education Plans (IEPs). Specifically, I am available to:


  • educate you on what your student is legally entitied to;


  • make recommendations on a course of action, after reviewing your student's psychological and/or psycho-educational evaluations, report cards and other communications between you and the school;


  • draft meaningful, measurable goals to help your student achieve academic success;


  • assist you in preparing for IEP or 504 Plan meetings with school personnel;


  • provide support by attending a meeting with you; and


  • guide you on "next steps" in the event the interventions you desire are not put in place.



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